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Symbian^3 emulator - QT component not installed

  • Hi

    I have installed the following software:

    1. Nokia QT SDK last version 1.0.2 (with QtCreator 2.0.1)
    2. active perl 5.6.
    3. symbian 3 sdk v0.9
    4. Qt symbian 4.6.3

    To integrate SDK with Qt Creator, I went to <SDK ROOT DIR>\epoc32\tools\qt and ran qt_conf_path_edit.bat.

    Still when I try to install a HelloQt.SIS file to emulator says "Qt component not installed".

    Also in QTCreator -> Tools->Options->Qt4->S60SDKs next to the Symbian3SDK says "No QT installed" ... though QTCreator -> Tools->Options->Qt4->Versions in autodetect section Qt 4.6.3 is found.


  • You cannot install a sis file(prepared for device) in the emulator.

  • Ok with that ... still ... why I cannot integrate Symbian^3 emulator with QtCreator?
    Shouldnt that be possible?

  • anton_duca, you can use Simulator to test your apps. Emulator integration is not possible AFAIK.

  • I know I can use the Simulator ... the problem is the UIs and other features are not as they appear/are on device ....

    I am a J2ME and Android developer and .... telling me to use Simulator is like saying to use a RegularJ2ME emulator and not a DeviceEmulator .... come on man

    In the releasenotes.txt from Symbian^3 SDK says clear:


    • To integrate SDK with Qt Creator, go to <SDK ROOT DIR>\epoc32\tools\qt and run qt_conf_path_edit.bat.

    Does not that sentence means it SHOULD WORK?

  • A better option in this case will be to use carbide.c++ symbian SDK and Qt SDK combination.

  • SDK and emulator are not same things :)

  • [quote author="Denis Kormalev" date="1293454299"]SDK and emulator are not same things :) [/quote]

    Yes, I was referring to install the Symbian SDK only. It comes with emulator - which resembles the device more.

  • If you have the NOKIA Qt SDK, then don't need to in stall Qt creator , as it comes along with it.

    You have to uninstall the Qt creator if you have previously installed.

  • [quote author="qtrahul" date="1293456633"]

    You have to uninstall the Qt creator if you have previously installed.[/quote]

    This is not essential. If required you can install different versions of Qt Creator. I use a stable version along with the latest RC version.

  • bq. SDK and emulator are not same things :)

    What would be the point to integrate an IDE (like Qtcreator) with a SDK (symbian^3) ?

    From my point of view is to code/test/develop better for that particular SDK ... and on what can u test that better ... of course on a dedicated emulator (like the emulator that ships with the Symbian^3 SDK)

    Why would I integrate Netbeans or Eclipse with s60 3rd MIDP if not to test it on the S60 emulator ... would it make sense to test it on a GenericJ2ME emulator (which not resembles the real device)? (not for me)

  • anton_duca, QtCreator integration with SDK is mostly for building apps and for debugging them on device.

  • I hope Nokia Qt SDK is progressing in that direction and in future we might have better tools.

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