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Displaying HTML codes in QLabel

  • Hello All,

    I am getting html codes embedded in the xml from the server for example:
    @"Robert Glück ; drawings by Edward Aulerich"@ where ü is getting displayed as &<no space>#252; and when i set it to the QLabel the html code doesn't get encoded. Is there a way by which i can display it correctly?



    PS: i gave <no space> coz the text edit is converting it to ü Please remove <no space> to get he exact code.

  • You can try to wrap it in a pair of <html></html> tags or force QLabel to interpret the text as HTML by using QLabel::setTextFormat(Qt::RichText)

  • Hi Andre,

    Thanks a lot for the help. I have one more problem where i have to display the same text on a QListWidget but according to doc RichText can be applied only to widgets which support RichText. So, i did the following:
    @QStaticText text;

    And set the same to QListWidgetItem but, i realized that QListWidgetItem doens't support RichText. Do i have create a QLabel and place it as QListWidgetItem using setWidgetItem or is there any another workaround?



  • QListViews by default do not support rich text, but they do support unicode. That means that you can display the whole character set, including unlauts, ringel-S, and basically anything else you can come up with. I am not sure if there is Qt API to convert HTML escape sequences to unicode for a text, but if not, it would not be hard to make yourself.

    I would not go mucking about with putting labels on an item view just for this.

    Edit: perhaps you can abuse QTextDocument for the translation from HTML to unicode.

  • Hello Andre,

    Thanks once again and i did the following:
    @QPointer<QTextDocument> doc = new QTextDocument();
    QListWidgetItem* item = new QListWidgetItem(doc->toPlainText());
    mAuthorsList->insertItem(index,item );
    delete doc;@

    I will take up writing an API to convert HTML escape sequences to unicode for a text.

    I have one Request, Shouldn't there be a sub-category in the forum which should be something like "Qt General" because my doubt was on Qt irrespective of which platform i am working on.



  • I would not create/destroy the QTextDocument for each item, but otherwise, I'm glad it works. Just convert the text once (on loading, for example) using the same QTextDocument instance. Also, using a QPointer is not really needed here.

    The forum structure request is better put in the Beta Testing forum, or better yet, on Jira.

  • Thanks for the advice. Also, i have the raised the question in Beta Testing Forum.



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