Android : NFC (and Bluetooth) access

  • Hello,
    I have tried the new Qt 5.1 beta for Android by running some examples, and doing a very simple interface with QML, and it's working fine. But I want actually access to the NFC features. I understood that is currently not available from Qt API directly, but maybe is there a way to achieve that using the JNI (Java Native Interface). There are few examples given with the Android NDK, anyway I didn't understand well how to adapt this in my Qt project.

    So if somebody have some informations about the way to achieve that, they are welcome ;).

    Also is anybody knowing if it is planned to add NFC and Bluetooth API in the release 5.1 or 5.2 of Qt ??

    Thanks in advance.

  • NFC and Bluetooth will not be in the Qt 5.1 release. I also don't know of anyone actively working on Android support.

  • Thanks for reply, this is what I was afraid;).
    So I think the solution will be to use the JNI interface.

  • no, NFC support is restricted to Symbian i think. JNI seems like the only way ahead for "app developers":

  • Symbian? The only NFC backends currently in the unreleased libQtNfc (part of the qtconnectivity repository) are for Harmattan and Blackberry.

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