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[SOLVED] Qt 5.1 Beta binary + XCode = iOS app?

  • I have the Qt 5.1 Beta binary for OS X and I'm trying to use it to build a simple iOS app. There must be some configuration option I need to set, because changing all my .cpp files to .mm doesn't result in .mm files in my build directory (i.e. where the proper source goes, not the Qt-C++). Do I need to add +=ios somewhere in my .pro?

  • I read somewhere that Qt5, unlike Qt4, doesn't build to multiple platforms in one binary (in this case x86/arm, not sure whether it applies to OSes too), and then it clicked that the only binary for Mac builds to Mac x86 so I need to make my own for the iPhone (even the simulator). This page, specifically "Getting started" at the bottom, walks you through that process:

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