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No sound on Symbian^3 with Phonon

  • Santa brought me a C7, a Symbian 3 device. Much to my surprise I discovered
    that the Phonon code I had been happily using on 5800XM to play sounds was
    completely silent on C7, using the Qt built in the device.

    The following function is what I'm using:

    @void MainWindow::soundAlarm(const QListPhonon::MediaSource &sounds,
    qreal volume, bool vibrate)
    #ifdef Q_OS_SYMBIAN
    if (iVibra && vibrate) {

    // Lots of trial and error to get this thing to play correct number of times
    // The below seems to work
    for (int i = 1; i < sounds.length(); ++i)

    // _mediaObject->setQueue(sounds);
    // _mediaObject->setCurrentSource(; I would have expected this
    line to suffice


    I have a faint recollection on seeing some mention of Symbian 3 volume
    handling having changed, or something, but I haven't yet found any existing
    bug report that would explain this.

    Any ideas?


  • Which Qt version are you using?

  • Milot, as he said in his post

    bq. using the Qt built in the device.

    So it should be 4.6.3 I think

  • [quote author="Denis Kormalev" date="1293363496"]Milot, as he said in his post

    bq. using the Qt built in the device.

    So it should be 4.6.3 I think[/quote]

    I see, because it might be a problem with Qt 4.7 but now it's different I think.


    This can be a problem with MMF (Symbian^3's multimedia framework) see "here": because it's still experimental and you should look for Helix framework which is not shipped with Qt but you can look into it "here":^3_devices

  • Thanks for the tip, indeed it seems that my issue was QTBUG-13952 which is also affecting C7.
    The Smart Installer is not smart enough yet to fix it.

  • The device you are using has Qt inbuilt and it is Qt 4.6.3.

    Phonon API was the deprecated API and it was used in Qt mobile extension project.
    (if I am not wrong)

    Instead you should use the Qt Multimedia API under the Qt mobility project.

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