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Ios apps build on windows and signing

  • Can I build iOS application on Windows?
    How can I sign the app to publish it?


  • Support for IOS on Qt 5.1 is in preview at the moment and full support is expected to be in release 5.2, but that won't be available until late 2013 - "Link to blog":http://blog.qt.digia.com/blog/2013/03/05/qt-for-ios-preview/

  • So I can create simple apps for iOS but I cannot send them to App Store?

  • Well, looking at the blog I am not 100% sure how the final outcome will be, I was looking into Qt to make IOS software.

    It seems you will still need to use Xcode to generate the final package (the apple dev environment), but what is not clear from the blog (to me anyway) is if we will have to develop on the apple Mac or if we can develop on any platform (i.e. windows / linux).

    To deploy your app you need to go via the Xcode route anyway you look at it. This involves setting up your device (iPad/iPhone) to enable dev apps to be installed..... probably best to have a look at youtube or other websites on how to deploy an apple app. Since Qt can't yet do all this I decided not to look much further into it yet...

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