GUI and Batch plotting

  • We want to implement a visualization program that can provide the user with a full-featured GUI to control a scientific plot (probably using a Qwt object). The program must also work in batch mode where a script will launch the application with all the parameters it needs to produce the plot which will be save as a graphical file (e.g., SVG, PNG, etc.). The batch mode run will not have a terminal which at first glance appears to be a problem if attempting this in Qt.

    The program will need to run under modern Linux plus OSX 10.7 and 10.8 (for the moment anyway); we might be able to limit the batch mode to execution under Linux only. We were originally planning to implement using Qt 4.8 but might be able to go to 5.0 if that removes the problem (I saw some buzz about "no windowing system" in talk about 5.0 but it wasn't sufficiently concrete for me to see it it would meet our needs).

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What you could do is to "cut" your application in two, one CLI that does the processing and a GUI that would interact with it. Several user interfaces for mlayer work like this.
    Then you can still batch your processing from the command line and if you need the GUI, start it independently.

    Hope it helps

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