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  • I've just installed the new Ubuntu 13.04 and installed Qt5 as follows:

    @sudo apt-get install qt-sdk@

    When opening Qt Creator and going to "About", it successfully shows Qt version 5. However, when I open Qt Assistant, it still references to Qt 4.8. I want to install everything through apt-get rather than installing it through the official Qt installer. Does anyone know how I can make Qt Assistant referencing the Qt5 documentation?

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    AFAIK, qt-sdk package in Ubuntu is still based on Qt4.

    But if you do have Qt5's QCH file somewhere, you can add it to Assistant in it's settings.

  • Yip, I've seen that option in Qt Assistant. Any place I can download the qch file?

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    It should be bundled with your Qt, or you can build it yourself if you have Qt sources configured. Search for *.qch files on your system, I don't know where Ubuntu packagers tend to place those files.

  • Nope, just got 4.8 .qch files. And now I'm back to building from source. I thought that Qt5 would finally be fully supported with apt-get in Ubuntu 13.04. But thanks in any case for your help.

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    You can install prebuilt packages from Qt Project downloads.

    Building from source is always a tempting possibility, of course :)

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    The Qt version in the About dialog is the one Qt Creator is using. That got nothing to do with what your projects are using -- check Tools>Options>Build & Run>Qt versions for that.

    The Qt version used in the project determines which help files are displayed.

  • I'm just going to install from the official Qt installer. Will solve a lot of problems.

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