Why using quint16 or quint32 in QDataStream ?

  • This is very simple program that act as client of QDataStream which I found this online

    I am wondering can someone explain why they used blockSize which is quint16 ?

    @ void Client::request()
    this->blockSize = 0;//unsigned short
    this->socket->abort();//clear buffer

    void Client::read()
    QDataStream input(socket);

     if (blockSize == 0) {
         if (socket->bytesAvailable() < (int)sizeof(quint16))
         input >> blockSize;


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    Base on my experience: because the maximal size of data they will send can be stored in a quint16 and so the client will know how much data it will receive so it can wait to have it all before processing it.

    Hope it helps

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