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Porting from native WinCE to Android using Qt

  • I have a forms/database business app in C++ running on WinCE that I would like to port to Android (and maybe iOS/WinRT in due course). The UI is simple and basic, using RC files and Windows controls. Stylus data entry. WiFi/3G/USB/BT connections. Barcode reader & Printer. Nothing fancy. Maybe 50 forms.

    Porting the C++ business logic, strings (Unicode), database, file system, sockets etc is dead easy. Porting the UI, not so much. I've worked through a few samples and read a lot of docs, but I'm not making all that much progress.

    So I'm looking for suggestions which path to take with the UI. It would be really nice to be able to use QtCreator for tweaking the design. The obvious way is QWidget and a UI file, but the Windows XY positioning and RC file are nothing like a Qt Layout. Qt Quick and QML look nice, but I can't find a set of pre-written controls and I don't fancy creating one.

    Any suggestions very much appreciated. It's a big landscape and even some clues about where to look would help.

  • You will need to recreate all your widgets... but it is simple done with QtDesigner and if you need some special widgets or widget behavior you can always subclass any Widget you need and set it as custom widget class in designer... Creating programm GUI with QtDesigner is straight forward....

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