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Qmake on linux(oracle red hat)

  • I built QT from the opensource to a folder named /linux/5.0.2
    After all was completed I then changed the folder name to /linux/5.0.2x64

    After this I created a project on windows, created a corresponding .pro file and transfered it to linux. Upon running qmake it would fail claiming it could not find some files. I then ran with the -d flag on for debugging and it shows that the qmake is still trying to check /linux/5.0.2 even though I have changed QTDIR/INC/LIB to 5.0.2x64 PATH also includes up to that point.

    Is there another environment variable or some config issue that I have to change in order to fix this?
    FYI I copied the 5.0.2x64 folder to 5.0.2 as well, the project then compiled and runs successfully.

    Also for switching between 32 and 64 bit builds, is the only option to manipulate enviro variables or is there a simplier way?


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Moving Qt build around is not supported, on windows and linux the most straightforward solution is to have both build installed in different directories (using i.e. -prefix as a build option)

    Hope it helps

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