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  • Hello,

    I'm would like to access the QQuickView framebuffer image just afterRendering.

    I can add a new QopenGLFramebuuferObject using the AfterRendering slot but it' not what I want.

    I would like to export the current QQuickView framebuffer (or access it if possible) to change e.g. the pixels positions.

    I tested to add a custom buffer to avoid using the default one but I can't find the way using setRenderTarget.

    May you please advise me ?


  • Looks likes I'm directly with the framebuffer.

    Attempting to use the this->renderTarget()->toImage() crash but simply reading the buffer I can have is as in qopenglframebufferobject.cpp

    QImage img(width(), height(),QImage::Format_RGB32);
    glReadPixels(0,0, width(),height(),GL_BGRA, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, img.bits());

    I was not expecting this way, still have something to understand.

  • Do not use:


    Have a look at this post "here.":http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/27117/

  • Thank you, this way I think that you grab the window if I'm right.

    My final plan is to modify the image prior it's sent to the display driver.

    The point I need more to understand now would be ho to corretly specify an other framebuffer than the default one.

  • Yes you are right however this action is a big performance hit and should be run in a separate thread if possible.

    I haven't tried this myself but have a look at this "QQuickWindow::setRenderTarget":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtquick/qquickwindow.html#setRenderTarget. This allows you to set your own custom fbo as the render target for a specific window.

    I'm sure you have already thought about this but what about using shaders to achieve pixel/fragment manipulation before rendering?

  • Thank you, I look for AfterRendering and the shader manipulation can only be done BeforeRendering if I'm right.

    My problem is indeed in the correct use the the setRenderTarget.
    If you have a working code sampling I would be glad.

  • Ah, yes of course my mistake. Shaders are applied before the final output. But if you want to change the positions of pixels then a pixel shader comes in real handy.

    As I've said before I have not played around with setRenderTarget but will give it a go when I have more time. What problems are you facing with this by the way?

  • I don't find the correct way to change the QQuickView default framebuffer to an new explicit one.

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