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QMake and additional configurations in VS2012

  • Hi all,
    my current project in configured in windows with vs2012. I have multiple configurations, which are e.g. debug, release, debug_nogui and release_nogui.

    Now I want to store this information in my .pro file, such that the execution of


    qmake -spec win32-msvc2012 -r -tp vc


    create a visual studio solution with these four configurations.

    Unfortunatly, google didnt help me yet.


    TEMPLATE = subdirs
    CONFIG += ordered
    SUBDIRS = pro1

    TARGET = main

    pro1.depends = pro2


    TEMPLATE = lib

    TARGET = ../lib/proj1

    VPATH += include src

    HEADERS += ....

    SOURCES += ....


    Is there any chance to create all four configurations in the same solution by qmake automatically?


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