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Qt Creator 2.7: CMake kit not found

  • Hello everybody!

    I'm working with a project with CMake ( and Qt 5.0.2 on Windows 8 Pro (x64) and VS 2012. I just installed the last SDK with Qt Creator 2.7. When I try to open my project, I have the following message:
    "Qt Creator has no kits that are suitable for CMake projects. Please configure a kit."

    I configure it by putting the full path to cmake.exe. But when I click on Apply and Ok, there is no change in the configuration project window.

    Is there some bug or did I make some mistakes?



  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to DevNet,

    Do you have kit in Options->Build&Run->Kits ?

  • Yes, I did that and put to the Executable line: C:\Program Files (x86)\CMake 2.8\bin\cmake.exe

    I also try to put between double quotes ("C:....") the path but there was no change.

    Can it be a missing call to update() for the Executable line when the value is changed or when the button Apply(or Ok) is pressed?

    Thank you!

  • the same problem. has not solved.

    But has a temp solution : first build creator project through cmake by version 2.6.2, then open it by version 2.7.

  • Same problem. Have two kits configured, neither of them works; CMake version 2.8, MS Visual Studio express 2010, QT 5.0.2

  • Has somebody "filed a bug report":https://bugreports.qt-project.org/ about this yet?

  • I have the same problem. OS is WIn7. In my case Visual Studio has been installed first, followed by QT5.0.2 including msvc2010_opengl and QTcreator 2.7.0. When I try to open my Cmake projects, The following error occurs:

    QTCreator has no kits that are suitable for CMake projects. Please configure a kit.

    I have to kits installed (one automatically, the other manually):
    Desktop QT 5.0.2 MSVC2010 32bit
    Desktop QT 5.0.2 MSVC2010 64bit

    Both containing a valid path to cmake in the tool chain. I am quiet stuck and don't know how to continue from here since this problem seems to make it impossible to use qtcreator. Any pointers?

  • flaiver: The tool chain must be a compiler, not cmake or any other build system!

    CMake should work with any valid kit... it will ignore most settings anyway:-) So are there any warnings/errors when hovering the kits in Tools>Options>Build & Run>Kits?

  • As mentioned in my post before, the compiler is already (correct) listed. The problem comes from cmake.

    I found a workaround - unfortunately it is kind of annoying. When you try to open the project, the

    QTCreator has no kits that are suitable for CMake projects. Please configure a kit

    pops up. Then you change in the cmake tab the executable to cmake-gui. Try to open it again - this times it works. Now you can change it back to cmake.exe - this time it works as well and everything is behaving like expected. Unfortunately you have to do it everytime you start qtcreator. Is a bug, isn't it?

  • Hello!

    Dunno if the theme is already out of date.

    I have to use now QTCreator on windows plus MinGW.

    After installation I had the same problem, thought the compiler was found in the Build & Runs -> Compilers and I indicated the path to the CMake exe file in Build & Runs -> CMake.

    After some wondering around on the window Build & Runs -> Kits I saw that here in the Desktop (default) kis there was no compiler indicated. I wrote MinGW (x86 32bit in C:\MinGW\bin) for the Compiler field and everything worked.

  • I had the same "bug", QTCreator 3.0 "has no kits that are suitable for CMake projects. Please configure a kit". I simply had to restart Qt Creator after filling in path to cmake executable! Reopening the cmake project wasn't sufficient.

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