QT5 2d acceleration on PowerVR SGX

  • How much of the SGX 2D accelerator can Qt5 use for 2D? Will it automatically use the SGX OpenVG driver? Does it know how to talk to the PVR2D driver for non-vector graphics?

    If it can't, I'm assuming some kind of custom QPaintEngine module could be written to take advantage of the PVR2D API that the SGX drivers present?


  • Hi Noel

    this depends on which platform plugin do you use.
    Which one are you intending to use? xcb, eglfs, linuxfb kms, wayland, ..?

  • This would be on VxWorks. So there is the OpenGLES driver available, and maybe the OpenVG driver also. My main concern is how to hook up the Qt paint engine to PVR2D, if that is possible, and if it would help or not.


  • I'm not quite sure but I would guess that his is a task of the platform plugins.

  • Hi Noel

    Here is a little note:

    A key thing specific to our (SGX based) platforms - With the elimination of the display plugin, Qt5 no longer uses or supports blits via pvr2d or wsegl, and instead directly uses the egl (or window) capabilities exposed by the GL driver. This eliminates immediately a large portion of pvr2d/wsegl version related issues that cropped up in earlier Qt versions.
    (ex patch for Qt4 in below link is not needed anymore)

    I found it here:

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