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Qt & Dynamic screen with QuiLoader

  • Hi,

    I've a question about QuiLoader. Is it possible to load ui file from a specified directory in my drive ? Or the file has to be inside a plugin or compiled with the program ?

    Thx you for your help,

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    Hi and welcome to DevNet,

    Nothing forbids you to load files from a directory. The example and documentation suggest to have the ui files in a resource only to ensure that your program will have them at run time (especially useful if all your interface is made with designer)

    Hope it helps

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    Yes, just take a look at the snippet in the "docs":

  • Thx you for your quick answer.

    My goal is to load a dynamic xml file into the screen ( it's possible : good).
    My second goal is to receive all buttons events in one function.

    And once I get the events, I would like to get the values of each component like :


    Is it possible ? I'm sorry, I'm a beginner. Thx,

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