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QTCreator-QWT plugin

  • Greetings,

    Just starting to use QT and QWT and enjoying it. I am having one issue with using QWT 6.1.0.rc3 with QT 5. Installed according to instructions using MSVC and all works well, no errors at all. Set the QT_PLUGIN_PATH and added the lib folder created by nmake install to my path ( Win XP ). Result: the standalone QT Designer finds QWT just fine, but QT Creator does not.

    Now, QT Creator finds the QWT_Designer_plugin but issues a warning that it "could not load the specified module". What is curious to me is that QT Designer finds this just fine, and I've searched the drive to confirm that only one copy of the plugin, and qwt.dll, exist on the drive. The "could not find specified module" warning, given when using about QT About Designer Plugins, and listing the name and path of QT designer plugin, seems to indicate that the problem lies more with finding QWT.dll than the designer plugin. But qwt.dll is on the path, and QT_PLUGIN_PATH is set ( to c:/Qwt-6.1.-rc3/plugins, and this is sufficient for QT designer to find QWT.

    Not a huge issue, I am reading up on how to use QT Designer to generate the UI file and insert the needed header into the code, but this has my curiosity engaged.

    Any thoughts or suggestions ?


  • hello i have the same issue but im using mingw.... the qwt widgets display well when i launch designer standalone, but when i launch creator and go to design mode i cannot see any qwt widget in there... has somebody a workaroubd to fix this?

    thank you

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    In Qt Creator, open the about dialog and check which version of Qt was used. Also, the plugin must be built with the same compiler as was Qt Creator and IIRC it's done using Visual Studio.

    So all, in all, since you are using MinGW, you might have to build Qt Creator yourself in order to use these plugins

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