Running QWS application with OpenVG (Mesa)

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    I've have cross-compiled the Mesa library in order to have operational 2D/3D acceleration on my Intel Atom (Pineview with GMA3150) machine.

    I have a simple question regarding how to run a QWS application that uses OpenVG ?
    What are the arguments needed to use the Mesa openvg acceleration ? I have tried to use -display openvg but with now luck.

    And for another thing, isn't it right that QT is using openvg underneath if an application is told to use it ?? I mean I don't have to use another API like the OpenGL API intended for GL support. So when a regular QT application code (not using opengl API) is used and OpenVG is enabled, then the 2D acceleration should work ?

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    Einar M. Bjorgvinsson
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    Marel ehf

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    Is there anybody with some suggestions ?


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  • Hi einarmar,

    Yes acceleration should work without having you write specific code if you use OpenVG.

    I think running an application using -qws would still benefit acceleration, as the Qt graphical server only takes care of the final step of copying/painting on screen.

    Have you checked the following link to compile Qt with OpenVG support ?

  • Hi and thanks for the reply.

    I have checked out the link and there is some information that help me there but I'm still trying to figure out if the following settings are correct for running QT QWS application that uses OpenVG:

    QWS_DISPLAY=LinuxFB ./myApp -qws -graphicssystem OpenVG

    Is it correct to define LinuxFB as the the QWS_DISPLAY ? is it correct to use the -qws server ?


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