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[SOLVED] Different Qt5Core.dll's, oh god why!

  • UPD: got this working, we added "platforms" directory to a package, it contains qminimal.dll and qwindows.dll. Automation question is still actual, never the less.

    We have a deployment issue: application package doesn't work on other PC. The package is made from all the libraries that were required to run app in separate folder from explorer.exe interface. The libs were taken from Qt5 installation folder (I:\Qt\Qt5.0.0\5.0.0\msvc2010\bin in that case).

    We figured out, however that the only difference is Qt5Core DLL libraries. In other words, My package works on friends PC when he replaces my Qt5Core.dll with the one from his Qt installation. Those 2 dlls have different CRC, and here ! picture)! you can see that dlls somehow store the path they were installed in. Since our paths are different, application refuses to work at all. NO ERRORS! It just swallows all the clicks and no process gets launched. This is really annoying behavior.

    How does one deploy Qt5 applications now? How can I make sure my app will work on other, yet same platform PC (both win7 Ultimate sp1 x64)? Any deployment automation out there?

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    The "deployment": documentation explains what libraries you need to put besides your application.

    As for automation on windows, it depends on the build system/package creator you use

  • Thank you for a useful link.
    I always have imagined deployment automation tool like some kind of setup-maker (crossplatform app, like QtCreator but Deployer). It would allow user to pull in resource files (images, data, etc.) and offer a good help automatically analizing dependencies and taking Qt dlls from its installation path.
    Maybe something is already around? I don't mean any console magic, for sure it has to have an intuitive window interface like QtCreator does...

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    You're welcome !

    I almost forgot, for the cross-platform setup-maker there's "Qt Installer Framework": in the making

  • hello!
    i didn't get how we could fix it ? thankx in advance.

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    What couldn't you fix ?

  • hello!
    My problem is that i create an installer in a sparate machine and i ship with it the ddl (i develop the app on my machine). when i try to use it, i didn't work. But when i remove Qt5core.dll and relpace it with mine it works. Second problem on a friend computer he don't qt5.0.2 and solution doesn't work.
    I'm using bitrock to creat the installer, I hope that my problem is clear. Thank you in advance.

  • Hi again!
    i did resolve the problem by include platforms folder(C:\Qt\Qt5.0.2\5.0.2\mingw47_32\plugins\platforms) and it works!! and you could just copy qminimal.dll and qwindows.dll the others are for debug.

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