Need high level guidance (direction) to achieve UI in a mips based embedded device.

  • Hi, I'm new to Qt, and i want to develop UI on a MIPS based embedded device.
    I have downloaded Qt 4.7.4 (qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.4) from the ftp and got it built and installed on my ubuntu 12.10 64 bit laptop.

    I goal is to develop a UI based on qml and C++ so that UI will start with static data resource, but it will communicate to the server
    and get the latest information and update the data in the UI accordingly.

    Can you please direct how to proceed.

    I have tried few .qml files from demo and examples in the net with the Qt QML viewer to experience the files.

    Can anyone suggest me steps to proceed on this task, i'm looking for directions like,
    ex: write C++ code and use this tool and get it compiled, install this package and build rootfs, copy it to rootfs , use this tool to download
    and execute.

    Any help on this is deeply appreciated.

    Best Regards

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