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[Solved] Animate QGraphicsWidget by change of position.

  • This must be an easy one, but for some reason I can't animate my Widget.

    So a snippet of my widget code is:

    @class RoundedBox : public QGraphicsWidget
    Q_PROPERTY( QPointF pos READ pos WRITE setPos )


    RoundedBox(QGraphicsWidget *parent = 0);
    QPointF pos() const{ return QGraphicsObject::pos(); } // don't really need these - just for debug
    void setPos( QPointF& pos ) { QGraphicsObject::setPos( pos ); }


    And in my main window
    I have:

    @void MainWindow::animate()

    QPropertyAnimation animation(_rounded_box, "pos"); // just change position
    animation.setStartValue(QPointF(0, 0));
    animation.setEndValue(QPointF(100, 30));


    Now the RoundedBox widget has been added to the scene, and is visible, but does not move when 'animate' is called.
    Am I doing something rather silly here???

  • Hi,

    are you really defining "pos" property?
    If yes, you're overriding default property.

    Try to remove PROPERTY and methods pos() and setPos().

  • Well, I put that 'pos' property in there just to see if 'setPos' was ever called. Sadly it is never called. But I fail to see why.

  • Following the documentation I even tried to animate this object in the graphics scene:

    @class MyGraphicsRectItem : public QObject, public QGraphicsRectItem
    Q_PROPERTY(QRectF geometry READ geometry WRITE setGeometry)
    Q_PROPERTY(QPointF pos READ pos WRITE setPos)

    explicit MyGraphicsRectItem(QGraphicsRectItem* parent=0):QGraphicsRectItem(parent){}
    explicit MyGraphicsRectItem(qreal x, qreal y, qreal w, qreal h, QGraphicsItem *parent = 0):QGraphicsRectItem(x,y,w,h,parent){}

    QRectF geometry(){ return rect() ;}
    void setGeometry( QRectF& r){ setRect(r);}


    If I just set the position manually in the 'animate' method the item moves... but the animation itself never happens. And there are no error messages either, such as a missing property, or setter/getter etc... :(

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Your QPropertyAnimation goes out of scope at the end of your animate function hence it doesn't run.

    QPropertyAnimation *animation = new QPropertyAnimation(_rounded_box, "pos"); // just change position
    animation->setStartValue(QPointF(0, 0));
    animation->setEndValue(QPointF(100, 30));



    If you run your animation more than once, consider making it a member of your MainWindow class so you don't have to recreate it each time animate() is called

    Hope it helps

  • Oh yes!...Thank you very much! :) Greatly appreciated :)
    The above code worked :)

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    You're welcome !

    Please update the thread's title to solved so other people will know that this issue has a solution.

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