Qt and Qt Creator installation ?

  • I'm trying to learn QT. However, with lots of trial I could do nothing about QT and QT Creator. When i run QT Creator, i can't create a QT project. There are options like other,nonqt project..
    Is there anyone to tell me the installation step by step? Where i'm mistaken?

  • I had trouble installing Qt 5.x on my Windows Vista systems. The solution to it was to complain about it not installing and wait. The latest version DOES now install on a Vista system. Try downloading it and see if that fixes your problem. It could be that you are somehow trying to use a beta version of Qt 5. I could install it, but it would not compile anything.

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    If you have Qt Creator 2.6 or later then you need a kit (tools>options>Build & Run>kits) with a Qt version set for any of the Qt projects to show up in the project setup wizard. Without a Qt you can not use the wizards, so there is no use in offering them.

    If you have no Qt set up, go to tools>options>build & run>Qt versions to set one up. The Qt 5.x packages come with a Qt Creator with all that done for you, but you will need to configure the stand-alone creator packages.

  • thank you very much. i will try again. I have succeeded in installing on Win7, now i will try for ubuntu

  • I'm having a similar problem

    I've installed QT Creator 2.6.2 based on Qt 5.0.1 and when I try to follow the tutorial "Getting Started Programming with Qt Widgets":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtdoc/gettingstartedqt.html I can't find the option "Applications" in the "File > New File or Project"

    Why is this?


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    Did you add your 5.0.1 install to the known Qt version ?
    Did you configure a Kit to use that Qt ?

    Go look in tools>options>build & run>Qt versions and tools>options>build & run>Kits

    Hope it helps

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