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Qmake and predefined compiler flags / include

  • Hello!

    I have to make project file for our application. Unfortunately, there is strange error while compiling one of the file.
    @./dirent.h:100:20: fatal error: windef.h: No such file or directory@

    Strange is, that while this file is compiled with the following command, no error raises:
    @g++ -c file.cpp -o file.o@

    But, if "-I." is included, fatal error comes.
    @g++ -c -I. file.cpp -o file.o@

    Therefore, I would like to remove CWD from the flags for compiler, but project file doesn't support it.
    Line below has no influence on creating Makefile.
    @INCLUDEPATH -= .@

    Is this somehow possible, I am unable to find solution for about two hours :(

    Thanks for any help, suggestions.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    What are you trying to compile on what OS ?

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