[Solved] qmake: Specify a makefile location / path

  • I have found that you can change the name of the makefile using the MAKEFILE variable.
    But how do I specify in which path the makefile is to be generated? The project file is a 'source', that is, it is written by the developer. The makefile is an 'intermediate' (that is, it's required for compilation, but can be thrown away and re-generated). I want to keep those two types of files strictly separate. With everything else (moc, ui, obj,...) that's simple. How to do it with the makefile?

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    The use of shadow builds does already that (and is the default when using QtCreator), the source tree is not polluted by the generated/compiled files.

    Doesn't it fit your needs ?

  • How do you specify the shadow build options within the .pro file? Because we have multiple targets, and only use Creator on some of them.

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    You don't specify it in the pro file. You call qmake from the folder used to do the shadow buld like this

    @MyWorkstation:shadow_build_folder$ qmake ../myproject/myproject.pro -r@

    then make/make install etc...

    Hope it helps

  • That helps. Thanks!

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