Problem when combining OpenGL Widgets and Qt widgets - Qt5

  • I am working on i.MX6 linux and Qt5

    I am running into some strange issues with Qt5. I have encountered the issues with a version I built myself. I've searched the forums and don't see any discussion of these issues, though I was searching by error message and might have missed something.

    These issues can be seen in the Qt OpenGL examples. "hellogl_es2" and "2dpaint" seem to display one rendered frame and then break -- "hellogl_es2" shows the QT word and bubbles, and the GUI is hidden, while "2dpaint" just shows the openGL version without label.

    It seems that when including a QGLWidget on a form, the QGLWidget would work OK, but the rest of the form would not appear. I couldn't click any buttons or do anything.

    Along with these problems I would also see one or more of these error messages in the output:

    • This plugin does not support setParent!
    • This plugin does not support propagateSizeHints()
    • QOpenGLContext::swapBuffers() called with non-opengl surface

    Do you have any hint or idea what could be wrong?

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