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Java Classpath in Necessitas

  • Hi,
    I’m porting an application we’ve written with Qt to Android, using Necessitas. This has gone fairly smoothly, but I need to use a vendor provided Java library to access the serial port on our Android device.
    There isn’t much help available on using Java within Necessitas, particularly with add-on libraries, but I’ve been told by the vendor that I need to include the library in the manifest like this:

    @ <uses-library android:name="vendor.serial.library"

    ...and that I also need to include the library in the Java classpath, but this is where I’m stuck: I don’t know where the classpath is stored or how to update it.
    I’m also a little confused as to the location of the library: There’s a version on the device at system/framework, which is what I’ve been told to add to the classpath, but there’s also a version on my computer which is larger. How are add-on libraries managed? Do they get copied to the device from the computer when a deploy occurs?

    I've seen this: and tried to setup the environment variable (the stated CLASSPATH variable didn't actually exist on my system), but this doesn't help.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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