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Touchscreen and TsLib event problem

  • Hello,
    I'm using a USB touchscreen supported by the TsLib on a ARM9 architecture and GNU/Linux OS.
    sometimes, I loose the communication due to microfailure on USB.
    in this case, the TsLib return failure (return 0), but no action into Qtcore.

    the process enter in a infinite loop who take 100% of the CPU because next call to the TsRead function, return no error.

    have you a solution to catch the first error and re-open the mouse event file.
    I have saw it's possible to redefined the mouse event function, but I don't want to re write what is allready doing in the QtCore.

    Best regards

    David Pierret

    sorry for my poor english

  • Hello ,

    Is it more like a recursion problem into an event loop as describe in the QtouchEvent documentation


    Il me semble qu ' il faudrait fournir une implementation concrete la classe d'evenement ?

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