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Qt5 and ANSI C++

  • Hello to everyone,
    i'm an young developer, and i'm trying to start develop Ubuntu Touch. I know really good the ANSI C++, Is there any way to implement this into Qt? Can I reuse my function and classes? Can i use standard C++ libraries like cmath or STL? And, How can i interact with QtQuickUI?

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    Yes, Qt is still ISO C++ at heart. It makes the language much easier to use and comes with a splendid API, but it's c++ all the way (well, apart from V8, v4vm and QML, of course ;) ).

    Yes you can use STL, boost, cmath, OpenCV and any other c or c++ library in Qt. For QtQuick interaction, please see the documentation - it's a big topic.

  • thanks, im soo noob with this language, can you link me the discussion?

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    Here's the "doc": I would suggest getting good in pure QML and C++ before going for interchanging those. It's not hard, but takes some effort to get one's head around.

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