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(Solved)QMenuBar of Qt for Symbian

  • Hi, Everyone.

    It seems that the QMenubar is only triggered by the left softkey and could not set its own style.

    So if I want to create a menubar but the menubar was triggered by a toolbutton instead of the default softkey.

    and I also want to let the menubar which could set its own location or size and set background-image or background-color.
    what should I do?

    welcome all suggestion. thanks.

  • anybody here?
    or my target is unrealistic ?

  • You want to show the Options menu located under the Options softkey programatically?
    If yes then i'm not sure if it's possible at all. Qt for Symbian is wrapping it's native code in QMenuBar. Looking trough the source code it does not seem to be fully functional.
    Some time ago i tried to programatically hide the Options menu without any luck. You probably would like to call something like 'show' so it's basically the same problem.
    I did not find nor submit any bug report for this yet.

  • At last,I put some QPushButton on a widget, and set the QPushButton flat,set the background-color of the button transparent,resize the button,and the buttons combined into a "menu".

    Thanks all the replies

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