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Designer tab doesnt work in QtCreator

  • hi

    my designer tab in QtCreator doesnt work. i have installed QtCreator-QtAssistant-Qtdesigner-QtLinguist-QtSetting from ubuntu software center. but when i creat a project in QtCreator desighn tab doesnt work . why ?
    and how can i fix it?

    thank you

  • I think, it works if you would create a Qt-Quick UI.

    Go to "File" and then "New" and there should be an option called "Qt Quick UI" or something like that.
    If you create it, the design tab shouldn't be deactivated anymore

  • Which Version if QTCreator? QT? do you use?
    QML2 is not supported with QTCreator < 2.7.0beta

  • Please: It is spelled "Qt", not "QT". QT is Quicktime :)

    It doesn't matter, which QtCreator version he uses if he uses the ubuntu repo for getting it. I think, It is 4.8.X, where he can also use QML1.

    I have Qt Creator 2.4.1 and have the possibility to use QtQuick also.

  • its version 2.4.1 i think .
    yes it works in QtQuick UI . but i think it should be work in QtQuick Application . is it true?

  • how can i do update the QtCreator to last version?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    What version of Ubuntu are you running ? The latest version they seem to have of QtCreator is 2.5.2

  • ubuntu 12.04 .
    it have 2.4.1 that i have installed and so 2.5.0(precise-backports) that i can change it .what is the difference between these and which one is better to use?

  • It is not necessary to use a higher version (only if you want to use Qt5).
    To your question about QtQuick und Design: It shall work every time, when you have opened a QML file in your editor. Qt Creator cannot edit cpp files in the designer ;)

    Here a list of changes for every version:
    Every version brings new features and bugfixes. The question is only, if you need this really.

    If you want to use QtQuick2, I recommended to install Qt5 and the latest version of QtCreator, which both are not in the repository of Ubuntu yet.

  • thanks dear !
    but my new question is : if i download QtCreator 2.6.2 ans Qt 5.0.1 from this site and install them , it'll be replace with this version is installed now or i'll have 2version of Qt in my ubuntu OS? :D

    im beginner in ubuntu too!

  • You will have two versions in OS.

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