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Problem aligning widgets in QVBoxLayout

  • I have a MainWindow with a centralWidget that contains a main QHBoxLayout. This main layout in turn contains a QHBoxLayout and, to the right of this, a QVBoxLayout. The QVBoxLayout contains three QLabel widgets that I have added using vboxlayout->addWidget(aWidget, 0, Qt::AlignHCenter). Problem is that no matter what alignment flags I pass to addWidget my labels always end up aligned to the left of the layout.

    Abridged code:

    MainWindow::MainWindow(QWidget *parent)
    : QMainWindow(parent)
    QWidget centralWidget = new QWidget;

    centralLayout = new QHBoxLayout;
    aclockLayout = new QHBoxLayout;
    aclockLayout->addWidget(aclock, 0, Qt::AlignCenter);
    counterLayout = new QVBoxLayout;
    counterlayout->addWidget(vbclock, 0, Qt::AlignHCenter);
    counterlayout->addWidget(dtdisplay, 0 Qt::AlignHCenter);
    counterLayout->addWidget(tzdisplay, 0, Qt::AlignHCenter);


    All I want is for my three widgets to be aligned on the vertical center line of the QVBoxLayout. What am I missing here?

  • QLabel is by default left-aligned and takes up all available space to the right. Try setting the text alignment of the labels.

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