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Screen saver/lock issues on Linux embedded system

  • I have written an app to be deployed on a Linux-based notebook, using Qt 4.7.3. My boss wants me to add a screensaver that will prompt for a password to unlock/disable the screensaver. I have implemented the QWSScreenSaver save() and restore() functions, and can get a dialog box to pop up from the restore() function.

    The problem is that I cannot get the dialog box to accept any input from the keyboard, or even a mouse click on the Ok button. I've tried to grab the keyboard and mouse (to no avail) inside my dialog, and even release the keyboard and mouse from the restore() function, but nothing seems to help.

    I've added print statements to the restore() code and the dialog constructor, so I know that each time I hit a key or click the mouse, I execute BOTH the restore() function and the dialog contructor.

    Any clues about what I need to do to get this dialog to accept input?



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