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Multitouch: filling QList with <QTouchEvent::TouchPoint>

  • Hey,

    I'm using MT Protocol B to collect touchevents. I wrote a plugin so I can generate my own touchpointevents.
    I try to use it for testing the gestureExample from Qt. It doesn´t work very well.

    Cause of that I looked up how gesture classes are implemented. Generating a Swipegesture needs a lenght of 3 for the QList QTouchEvent::TouchPoint others need a lenght of 2 or what ever.

    So my question does anyone know how to fill such a list correctly?
    The pinchzoom gesture for example needs two fingercontacts, so I want to know is the lenght of the list equal to the number of touches that are tracked at the moment? Because I thought collecting events and storing them as points with the right Id and sending the List in a certain period of time is all I need to do.

  • Did you solved your problem?

    I need also 3 points but it seems currently only 2 points are the maximum of QTouchEvent.

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