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QT and AVR 32 getting Started..?

  • Hi,

    I have worked with QT in the past to for Networking and database management.

    recently I am trying my hands on programming avr32 microcontroller(at32uc3a3). The firmware works fine I have debugged and checked on the OSciloscope and It looks fine.

    Now, I am trying to make GUI application using QT and I will be using USB interface (no USART )to collect the data from the microcontroller.

    I have some basic questions.

    1. in the GUI app if I create a button how can I trigger the microcontroller. for ex: if I have a button "START" then the microcontroller must send the data. And If i Press "RESET" then it should reset the microcontroller. Meaning How will I be able to map the button with the Pin on the Microcontroller.

    I know that I can use this function on qt on_push_actiontrigger and then????

    1. Is there any Example code that I can look at????

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