Manually Set Soft Keyboard to Landscape (Symbian)

  • Hey
    I have a QML program (but problem would be the same in Qt) where I have locked the screen orientation to Portrait as I don't want the interface to rotate.
    However, there are occasions where I want the user to be able to input text. Even though the screen doesn't rotate, I wish the keyboard to rotate.

    Right now, the user opens the keyboard in Landscape mode and gets a Portrait keyboard. I am tracking orientation with QtMobility.

    So far the only solution I have thought of is to use a custom keyboard in QML like Colibri.

    Does anyone know how I could manually rotate the soft keyboard in Qt? I have only seen methods for close and open keyboard in Qt so far.


  • AFAIK there is no api available even in Symbian to force the virtual keyboard layout.

  • I think you will need develop custom keyboard.

  • Unfortunately there is no API for the Symbian virtual keyboard, so You will need to make a custom one.

  • I think making one for an app will be too time consuming. Check if you can find any ready to use 3rd party libraries.

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