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Mouse Calibration Example vs ts_calibrate

  • Hi.

    I have Qt and my application running fine on an embedded device (i.mx31). The thing is that we want to include in our application the possibility to run the calibration test. We took the "Mouse Calibration Example":, and included successfully in our code.

    The problem is that even compiling this example as a standalone application, sometimes the calibration behaves quite strangely. Sometimes is calibrated perfectly, sometimes the clicks are quite unaligned to where we are pressing. The strangest thing is that it seems to be unresponsive, and sometimes requires a long hard press to trigger any event on the Qt application.

    But this doesn't happen if we run the ts_calibrate program from the touch screen library. That program behaves more responsive, and doesn't seem to miss any clicks at all. And it never seems to break the calibration.

    Any ideas? Could it be that the driver is not behaving well, or is simply that to get a proper calibration one has to work on that given example to make something more sophisticated?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • yes i'm also facing similar problem.

    working in touch alone is fine....when i work with mouse and touch together,touch's response is poor and faulty....

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