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QLineEdit selectAll() doesn't work on embedded Linux

  • Hi All,

    I'm seeing some strange behavior in my QLineEdits on Embedded Linux. It's only happening in embedded Linux--the exact same code running on desktop Linux or Mac OS works fine.

    The first problem is that QLineEdit::selectAll() doesn't work at all. This is true even if I call it from a one-shot timer. The second (probably related) problem is that the backspace key doesn't work when the QLineEdit first receives focus. So I have text in the box, a blinking cursor, and backspace doesn't work. If I enter any additional text, backspace works after that, both on the newly added text and on the text that was already present in the LineEdit.

    Anyone have a clue why this would be happening?



  • Hi Jason,

    please add alway to such kind of question which version of qt did you use on which device(processor), with what kind of configuration settings did you build qt.

    Without those information it is impossible to check your report.
    What you can do is also if its really a bug to write a bugreport with testprogram.
    Also there you have to add all prerequisites, an exact description to reproduce this bug.


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