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[Solved]how to use QDoubleValidator?

  • Dear all,

    i'm trying to 4 1/2 digit display of the multimeter. it should only display between -19999 to +19999.
    I tried using QDoubleValidator as
    @ QDoubleValidator *validate=new QDoubleValidator(this);

    but it shows the range between -99999 to +99999

    also i tried

    @ QRegExp rx("[0-9]\d{0,4}");
    ui->lineEdit->setValidator(new QRegExpValidator (rx, this));@

    but it shows only between 0 to 99999.

    kindly anybody can solve it?

    [Edit: You only need an @ at the beginning and end of your code blocks, not every line. Cleaned up code -- mlong]

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    If I recall correctly, I believe that the validator will only check input typed at the keyboard. If you're trying to set the value through code, the validator won't stop you from doing so.

    I wouldn't recommend using a QLineEdit as a display-only widget, which it sounds like you're doing. Consider a QLabel.

  • Sorry for delay reply...

    Can we control value in QLabel?

  • It depends on how you mean value. You have setText() method in label class. You set number by doing so:

    If you want value back to number, you only call:

    If you want to limit user input by value, you'll have to derive QValidator or QDoubleValidator, or you can use QDoubleSpinBox widget, which already has this built in.


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