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Difference between Fonts on windows and linux embedded

  • I install the same font on windows and on my device("Bitsteam Vera Sans" for example), but their is a difference between those two. In linux the text is more spacious, and in windows the text is dense.
    I know that I use the same font and not a default font.
    Any idea?

  • What resolution is your windows device and your embedded device?

    DPI changes how fonts look. And define spacious, screenshots would be useful.

  • you need to create the qpf fonts of your choice and put it in the target's rootfs font folder.....

  • QPF fonts are not the only choice. Qt for Linux embedded supports several other formats. However, each Qt implementation for each OS uses a different system for choosing fonts, so is normal that they look a little bit different, specially given that your normal OS has a lot of fonts, and Qt for embedded has just a bunch (unless you customize it).

    Make sure that you set exactly the type of font that you want in the application or in each widget.

  • I solved the problem. There was a difference between the default configuration of font(hintiing,antialias) in windows and linux embedded.
    when I changed the config file in linux embedded to work with the same definitions it look the same.
    "Font Configuration":
    Tnx for help.

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