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Qt Multimedia

  • I have installed QtMobility successfully but when I run my programs, the UI comes up but the media (audio & video) does not play. This is the error I get through command prompt as well as QtCreator:

    *defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for – “”

    I got the same error when using QtSDK 4.8.1 & 4.7.2

    My platform is Ubuntu 10.04 and gstreamer 0.10.6 is also installed on my platform

    I am trying to run simple GUIs with simple media APIs for audio & video.(This GUI comes up but media doesnt play)
    Solutions I tried: # Installing latest Gstreamer, # Moving multimedia plugins to QTSDK plugin folder.

    These are the files in my QtSDK->plugin->mediaservice folder: &

    Is the error related to absence of any .so files here

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