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Service Framework - invoke signal on server side

  • hi!

    I am experimenting a bit with the (IPC) service framework using qtmoiblity 1.1 (currently on windows but the app I am doing will have to run on symbian & meego)

    my question is:

    can I invoke a signal on the server Qobject derived class?

    I wrote a helper function to call methods on the server side:

    @void MyClass::invokeServerMethod(const char* aMethod, QGenericArgument val0, QGenericArgument val1, QGenericArgument val2, QGenericArgument val3) {
    QObject* server = m_clientHelper->service();
    if(server) {
    if( !QMetaObject::invokeMethod(server, aMethod, Qt::QueuedConnection, val0, val1, val2, val3) ) {
    CRITICAL("could not invoke method" << QString(aMethod));
    } else {
    CRITICAL("No service found, could not invoke method" << aMethod);

    everything works as long as I call on the server side a SLOT, but if the parameter I pass as aMethod is a SIGNAL then I hit this assert it qtmobility code

    @Q_ASSERT(d->endPointType == ObjectEndPoint::Client); in file ipc\objectendpoint.cpp@

    which makes me think that I cannot invoke a signal on the server fron my client process.

    anyone knows why is that?


  • Can you provide a more complete example?

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