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Full screen on Android ???

  • Please has anyone –managed- to remove/hide the Android "StatusBar" ?
    making a real “Full Screen” application.

    I use this code …

    @ MainWindow w;

    Thank you for your help

  • do as follows:
    namespace sysvar
    const Qt::WindowModality WindowsFormShow =Qt::ApplicationModal;
    const Qt::WindowType WindowsFormStyle=Qt::FramelessWindowHint;
    const Qt::WindowStates WindowsFormState=
    #ifdef Q_OS_WIN32
    #ifdef Q_OS_WINCE
    #ifdef Q_OS_ANDROID

    form->setWindowFlags( sysvar::WindowsFormStyle );
    form->setWindowState( form->windowState()|sysvar::WindowsFormState);
    Works only alpha4 or higher

    [Edit: Added @ tags around code -- mlong]

  • Hi Flavio

    I think you gave the best answer I ever see in any forum about the Android FullScreen. I will test the code at the afternoon when I have the device because now is not with me and I will do a confirmation.

    millions thanks !

  • Hi Flavio

    Unfortunately the test of the above code failed to do Full-Screen on the "FlyTouch 8" device with "Android 4" OS.

    Have you tested it and is it working on your own device?
    Have you any idea?

    Thank you for the try.

  • For WinCE worked.
    To Android_alpha3 worked occasionally with mistakes.
    So I did not use the feature Alpha3.
    I do not know if this alpha4_1 working, but I saw that the ticket had to correct fix.

    Here you will find information about all the bugs and how this Qtnecessitas the correction process:

  • I forced to bring this thread to the life :\

    I face same problem with all dialog types under Android 4.x and Qt 5.1.x as mentioned "in my thread":; So may you please help me out to find a solution.

    BTW, I mentioned in my thread that this issue disappear in case hiding to the tray then showing the application.

  • In Qt4.8.x fullScreen not work well.
    In Qt5.1.X fullScreen not work.

  • I'm always watching and trying to recompile the SDK to verify changes.

    If I have success with this, I warn you here in this topic.

  • [quote]If I have success with this, I warn you here in this topic.[/quote]

    Thanks; I think it's better to file a bug report about this issue specially it's critical one

  • I filed a bug report in this link: QTBUG-33294

    [edit: updated bug report link SGaist]

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