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Real Time Applications in Qt

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    I have developed some GUI applications using Qt. But I never worked on advance applications like multithreading and real time applications. So for my reference I need some examples in multithreading and real time. Can I refer Scribble and gtalk application as real time applications?. These are already in Qt Examples. I am not sure which examples I can refer for getting some basic idea.
    Please help give.

    Thanks in advance

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    Do you want "real time" or "high performance"? People often use them interchangeably, but there are important differences ( )

    Anyway, all applications need to produce correct output, but real time applications also need to produce the output within certain deadlines. So yes, we can consider GTalk, Scribble as real-time apps -- GTalk needs to deliver messages within a few seconds or less; Scribble needs to keep up with my mouse clicks. Another example is audio/video streaming. These are soft real-time programs though, since it's not serious if they miss deadlines sometimes. (If a hard real-time program misses a deadline, it's catastrophic -- e.g. software inside a pacemaker)

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    Very simply, multithreading is just splitting up computation between different CPU cores. It's usually done to improve performance; people usually don't care if a program is single-threaded or multi-threaded or not, unless multi-threading affects the program's performance.

    Any single-threaded program can be made multi-threaded, even a "Hello World" program.

    A simple but incomplete example can be found at

    A useful example is at -- Analysing audio data takes a long time, so the programmer put that function in a different thread. Otherwise, the GUI might hang while the program is processing data.

    Warning: Qt's official documentation on QThreads are currently outdated. Don't follow them until they're updated

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