Problem when building project from x86 to ARM with QtCreator

  • Hi there, my name is Luis Miguel.

    I want to develop an application from my PC (x86, 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) and construct a project that can be run on a BeagleBoard (OMAP3, ARM with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS).

    Right now I have compiled and installed the qmake for ARM. I followed this tutorial:

    Once done, when I build the project (Build - Project Buil "x"), I get in the console the following error:

    Starting / home/awaxisnei/Desktop/Prueba/Prueba-build-desktop-Qt_4_8_3__qt-arm__Release/Prueba ...
    Failed to start program. Path or permissions wrong?
    / home/awaxisnei/Desktop/Prueba/Prueba-build-desktop-Qt_4_8_3__qt-arm__Release/Prueba exited with code -1

    I exported the path where I installed the angstrom toolchain:

    export PATH = / opt / qt-arm / bin: $ PATH

    I do not know what to do more ...

    Peaseee I need a little help. Thank you very much!

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    You built ARM code and are now trying to run that ARM code on a intel X86 CPU. That will not work.

    You will need to make creator copy the code to your device and execute it there.

  • Oops! You are right ... I was running it. I've noticed ...

    I'll test the executable ...

    Thank you very much!

  • Now when I change the project. I do the following in my BeagleBoard:

    $ chmod 777 test

    $. / Test

    And the output is:

    -bash:. / test No such file or directory


  • In Linux



    are two different object. Or maybe you just type wrong letter (capital) in the post?

  • $ chmod 777 test
    $. / Test
    And the output is:
    -bash:. /Test No such file or directory

    I wrote it wrong I unintentionally

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