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Wake up from suspend-mode on touchscreen

  • Platform: Embedded Linux
    Device: 7 inch touchscreen with arm v7
    Qt Version: 4.7.2

    I currently have a QTimer configured to start every X seconds. And a SLOT which is signaled on timeout that has a system command: #
    @system("echo mem > /sys/power/state");@

    This puts my processor into deep sleep mode. The device is configured to wake up on a touchscreen event.
    This is a very sloppy implementation of the touch screen wake/sleep. Ideally I would like to have suggestions to improve on this with the following capabilities.

    I don't want the 'first' touch to be recorded on the device which is used to wake up the device.

    I want to be able to check for touch events before I timeout.

    Any help is appreciated!

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