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Openssl Support for Qt Application.....

  • I have tried to access to https:// sites via Qt browser in ARM processor but I failed. Laterally I came to know that for accessing these https://sites we need SSL support. As per the cross complication document provided wiki open ssl and our Qt ssl support document. I have successfully cross complied the SSL and Qt with ARM processor board and also I can able to access https:// sites but “I can able to access only the demo browser(given in /opt//Qt/demos/browser)” I have designed my own application to access the https:// sites but I am not able to connect.

    I have given all the complete path as well as I included the network module to my application but still I am not able access the sites.

    Is there explicit code for invoking this SSL to my application? Or any sample code available for this ?

    Please help me !!!!!

    Thanks in advance.

  • QSslSocket documentation contains some code example.

    Look in the debug output of you application, it may help to localize the problem

  • Have removed duplication of thread, but not sure this one should be here. Maybe at desktop section? Or you have tried at desktop and all was ok, but at arm it fails?

  • Hi,

    Yes i have tried in desktop. Its working perfectly but it fails in arm.

    Please help me !!!

    Thanks and Regards,

    A. Peter Jerald.

  • I have some basic sample code at: "":

    Most likely, your problem is that you don't have the root CA for the server, and you didn't ignore that error.

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