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Enable to run QT application in beagleboard (Angstrom)

  • hello everyone.

    I want to run QT application in beagleboard - xm (target board).
    in beagle board, i had boot Angstrom OS.

    so, what i did.

    i had install arm cross complier and qt library files for beagleboard in host PC(ubuntu 11.04).

    Using QT creater i had made one qt application(that i want to run in beagleboard).

    in target board (beagle board), i set enivorment for qt (copy qt library files which i found from /opt/qt-arm/lib (from host PC). and also set PATH variable of /etc/profile as /opt/qt-arm/lib).

    and also copy project's executable file to beagleboard

    when i run that executable file using below command,

    #./app -qws

    i got error like:

    ./app: error while loading shared libraries: /opt/qt-arm/lib/ file too short.

    help me. how to fix this error.

  • Solution 1

    Problems during the copy process. Please verify the lib size again with the original used one on your host PC.

    Solution 2

    /opt/qt-arm/lib/ is a soft link which points to the wrong library
    verify it with "ls -asl /opt/qt-arm/lib/"

    Solution 3

    ldconfig found another version of libQtGuiE
    Check LD_LIBRARY_PATH and /etc/

  • fixed problem.

    in host side,,, all are linked together.

    but when i copied it to beagleboard, they were not linked together.

    how to link together?

  • tar cvfz QtLib.tgz /opt/qt-arm/lib/

    • or -

    copie only the non link file an create the soft link by:
    ln -s
    ln -s

  • When you copy library from pc to the Angstrom SD card use rsync:
    rsync -av PC/librarypath/ SDCARD/librarypath/

    you also can use cp command but I don't remember the parameter to preserve symbolic links.

  • cp -p


    cp --preserve=links

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