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Wanting something strange

  • I have a very old device HP IPAQ hx4700. I'msure, because I saw, that Qtopia works on this device. I' trying to install Qt-Extended (Qtopia) to it, but have some problems.

    Are there anyone, who experianced with compiling Qtopia (Qt-extended) ? You help and advices will be very usefull.
    Thnk you.

  • Maybe it would help if you could explain the nature of the problems you have.

  • hm, well. I'm using OpenEmbedded for building angstrom distribution for my device. It built well, also with qy-embedded. But qt-embedded has more newer version than qt-extended, so qt-extended dont wanna compile with it.

    There is another way of building qtopia - to build it by self. But I dont know, how I can do it.
    If someone experianced in qtopia or writing recipes in OpenEmbedded... So can anyone help me?

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