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How to make a Quiz program with QML and Javascript

  • Good day everyone. Does anyone knows how to make a program which is a quiz wherein the question can be randomized and also will compute the score using QML or JS. or kindly just give me a sample code. Sincere answer would be a great help ? Thanks.. just needed it for my thesis project :(

    [Edit: Changed title, please don't make title with all capitalized letters /Vass]

  • Hi,

    In my opinion, you should try to implement such program on your own. And then if you have problems ask Community about help. Especially if you need it for thesis project.

    Any way some "Helloword" application and some other code snippets are here
    "Code snippets":

    Maybe it will be good start point for you own app.

    By the way, do you know Qt?


  • Yeah, just learned it recently. Im using combination of QML, JS, and C++, huge part of my project is QML.. Yeah youre right, i will try to implement and ask for some help if problems occur
    . Thanks..

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