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How Qt implement ttf support

  • I know this might be silly question but it has confused me for a few days. I have compiled Qt-emb 4.8.2 on an ARM9 board with an LCD display and wrote a qws application. Everything is running smoothly and I can use write qml file to load a picture and show a text string. Later I removed all the other fonts file (qpf, pfa, vera ttf, etc.) expect dejavu ttf. Of course, it's still working. Then I realized I did NOT have any or loaded on that board and I did NOT specify freetype support when compile Qt libraries.

    Based on Qt docs, "Qt for Embedded Linux uses the FreeType 2 font engine to produce font output. The formats supported depends on the locally installed version of the FreeType library." So my question is, how does Qt display those text strings if there is no libfreetype? Is it built into somethere in Qt/qws? If true, is there any difference if I install libfreetype?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Not sure if this is the right answer. What OS are you running?
    But I believe Qt uses fonts in the /usr/lib/fonts folder for Embedded Linux. Did you remove fonts from that folder?

  • Thanks for the reply. I'm running Linux built by myself (busybox plus some libraries). Yes the font files are in the directory. But I'm asking where the library function support comes from.

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